Cardiff 3 ITFC 1

Cardiff 3 ITFC 1

Town lose away at Cardiff last Saturday, despite taking the lead with a goal from captain Chambers.
I didn’t listen to the game on the radio, as I am losing interest in Town, due to their continual poor performances! I have seen reports on the various Town fan sites I view and by all accounts the second half was poor from Town.

Town are now just 5 points away from the relegation places and it is really clear that they are in a relegation battle now. I am reminded of Grant Ward’s comment “Town are too good to be relegated” of a few months ago! That really just highlighted what a poor attitude he has to playing for Town. He thinks he is a good footballer in a good team, because he has played well on a few occasions. Until he and the team play well in every game, week in and out, for a whole season and more, he cannot claim to be a good footballer in a good team.

There are just 7 games left and the recent Town form is poor and is relegation form. The team have drawn many recent games and have not won a game in a long time now. They are now in danger of relegation unless they can play better and win some games. It has been a disappointing season for Town, and it could get even more disappointing. Mick McCarthy saved Town from relegation before but at that stage, he brought in some new energy and discipline and hope that the team responded to. While now, he has been in charge of a team that have been complacent and not shown fight and determination to win games and do not appear to respond to his plans and instruction. Many fans are so fed up, that they believe relegation would be best for Town! I do not agree with that, but I am very worried it will happen anyway!

How many times have I called for the team to wake up and smell the coffee and do better? Countless times over the last 2 seasons. It is not easy, but if the team do not wake up and change things for the better soon, it will be too late and the worst fear of relegation will become a reality. So COYB…let’s be having you! Show the fans how good you are Grant Ward and help the team win games and the rest of the team can do likewise… COYB!

Ipswich Town 1 Leeds Utd 1

ITFC 1 Leeds Utd 1

Town drew at home today against Leeds with a decent performance. I listened to the game along with Beattie my Mark Murphy Radio Suffolk ugly duckling…

Beattie- my Radio Suffolk ugly duckling

Beattie-my Mark Murphy ITFC Radio Suffolk ugly duckling

We couldn’t believe it when Freddie (aka “I have loads of talent, but fail to deliver effective end product”) Sears scored! Sadly Town gave away a sloppy goal and could not score a winner, but by all accounts from the radio commentary, they outplayed Leeds and were better than the opposition.

Here is Alex Griffith’s Vlog video:

So that is very encouraging! Town are in 13th place in the table 11 points off the bottom. The next game is away at Norwich! COYB!!!

Brighton 1 ITFC 1

Brighton 1 ITFC 1

Last Tuesday night Town drew away against Brighton.
It was another good performance from Town after the last game, the away win against Aston Villa.

Brighton are second in the Championship and the draw was a setback for them, as they hope to chase down leaders Newcastle and get to the top themselves.

Here is YouTube Vlog Alex Griffin on Brighton v Town:

For Town all the players played well with Luke Chambers scoring, but he was injured in the process (a cracked rib). Unfortunately Tom Lawrence was booked for dissent after Brighton were given a penalty which they scored to draw the game.
Lawrence had so many yellow cards (10?) that he now misses the next Town game at home to Leeds.

So Town face Leeds at home this afternoon and Leeds loanee Diagouraga is also not playing for Town as Leeds are the loan club. Berra and Skuse return though for Town. It will be a tough game against Leeds, and Leeds are on a good run of form, so it will be a good test to see if Town can maintain their improved form and results. COYB……COME ON TOWN….

Aston Villa 0 ITFC 1

Aston Villa 0 ITFC 1

A good away win for town yesterday…well done Town!

The new Town players did well with a late winning goal from Emyr Huws (on loan from Cardiff!).
Town now have a plethora of choices for positions with the recent new players eg Jordan Spence, Steven Taylor, Toumani Diagouraga, Emyr Huws, Danny Rowe, Kieffer Moore and Dominic Samuel available. Cole Skuse was injured and did not play. Town team:

33 Bialkowski
29 Emmanuel
4 Chambers
2 Taylor Substituted for Kenlock at 26’minutes
6 Berra Substituted for Spence at 45+3’minutes
3 Knudsen Booked at 76mins
18 G Ward
37 Diagouraga Booked at 79mins
44 Huws Substituted for Bru at 88’minutes
27 Lawrence
10 McGoldrick

Substitutes: 1Gerken 11Pitman 12Spence 17Bru 20Sears 28Moore 30Kenlock

I listened to the game on the radio and Town continued to improve and Grant Ward had a good game. Of course Bartoscz Bialkowski made some good saves and Villa had shots hit the crossbar and several promising attacks but it was a proper battling performance by Town who kept Villa from scoring and kept trying till the final whistle and got the much needed win!
Unfortunately Taylor and Berra went off injured, but Kenlock and Spence substituted well!


Ipswich Town 0 Derby 3

ITFC 0 Derby 3

Town played and lost last night. The Town’s poor season continues…
Town were 3 goals down after the first half!

Town are now facing the prospect of a relegation battle.

The blog header image here has the text “New era” referring to when Mick McCarthy first became Town manager and saved Town from relegation. Now the manager needs to do it all over again, and he no longer has the feel good factor of being the new manager to fix the problem, as he is now the old manager who has caused the problem! How times have changed!

Will the team start to play better and avoid relegation? I hope so, but this is far from certain. The writing has been on the wall for many weeks for the Town team and but for Tom Lawrence and Bartosz Białkowski, the team probably would be in the relegation zone now.

Other clubs with good previous histories have been relegated and no club can live in the past and all Town’s good history is far back in time now and the club is a shadow of its former self! Can the team and manager find enough pride and passion to work hard enough and play well enough to get the results needed to stay clear of relegation and achieve mid table mediocrity? Many weeks ago, there was one Town player almost bragging that they were too good to get relegated, but neither he nor the rest of the team are putting in performances that prove this to be true. The manager wants to stay at Town until the end of the season which is commendable, but really only so if Town do stay up!

There remain lots of unhappy Town fans at the poor play and perceived management of the team and club (many question the chairman Marcus Evans’ ambition and support). Many fans are staying away but the loyal core who keep going to home and away matches, really deserve better, but it remains to be seen whether they will get better. So as a fan who wants better for my football club ITFC, I say:

Preston 1 ITFC 1


An away draw and away point for Town today. Well done Town!

An away draw to a team above Town in the table is a good result. Again I listened on Radio Suffolk and again Tom Lawrence scored another great goal.

There was a Town debut for new loanee Toumani Diagouraga and Town were ahead but conceded an equaliser late in the game.
Town also have more new latest signings to strengthen the squad. Stephen Taylor a defender (ex Newcastle) and Danny Rowe (a winger from Macclesfield) can add to Kieffer Moore and Jordan Spence. Hopefully we can see these new players play good football and fit in well to the Town squad.

Well, Town can take some encouragement from this drawn game against Preston, but they need to keep working hard to improve, especially as the next game is against Derby who have a strong team with quality players (Tom Ince, Darren Bent etc).

There are still Town fans who are very negative and not convinced it was an improvement from Town and still want Mick McCarthy to resign, but Town need the fans support. It is part of life’s rich pattern to have ups and downs and Town are operating on a shoestring budget and it is time everyone pulled together for the Town. Captain Luke Chambers said earlier in the week how the players had let the manager down with their performances to date and it is great he is taking responsibility for this and trying to improve and play better for Town! Leon Best is now out of favour and will not play again for Town which is a strong indication that manager Mick will not play players who do not try hard enough after being given trust and opportunity by the manager and only let everyone down (especially themselves).

For me on a positive note, I WON a BBC Radio Suffolk Mark Murphy ITFC duck! I correctly guessed the mystery Town goal scorer in the “whose goal was it” competition (Owen Garvan against Plymouth in 2008) 🙂


Huddersfield 2 ITFC 0

Huddersfield 2 ITFC 0

I listened to the game on Radio Suffolk and apparently Town were better than against Lincoln but had no goal threat and were again comfortably outplayed. So, there was a response, but not enough of one! The discontent among the fans is growing. One of the chief complaints is the defensive nature of the players and set up of the team, without players who have the skill and ability and confidence to take opposition players on and try to score goals for the team. That bothers me, but I believe that can be overcome with real hard work and determination to play well enough with some real pride and passion to prove they and the team are good enough to play for this great club and that they can get points and results. I am not seeing enough of that from the players. It seems like the old expression “the lights are on but there is no-one at home!”.

It probably will take time to fix and get the team back playing well, but meantime all the players need to show the fans they are trying to play football and play with pride and passion for the club and not just for themselves. Also remember the old expression, “diamonds are made under pressure”.

Which means the fans should keep supporting and the players should keep trying to play better! COYB!

Huddersfield Town vs ITFC preview

Today (Sat 210117) ITFC are away in the Championship to Huddersfield and back to “normal” league business.
Mick McCarthy remains in charge of the team despite being under great pressure of losing his job due to Town’s poor form and play. I support manager Mick who wants to stay and change the team and results for the better. All Town fans and hopefully the team want better for the club and the players have to work and play hard to change things for the better!

This link describes the aftermath of the embarrassing result losing to Lincoln on Radio Suffolk…

Team news for today:
Leon Best is out, Paul Digby and Adam Spence(?) are in.
Town have been unlucky with injuries this season but that is no excuse for the poor play from all the other squad members and they have to look on these times as opportunities to do well for Town to get in the team or on the bench and play well!

It is tough times for all associated with ITFC (fans and players) and it is time for everyone who supports this club to support it as positively as possible! COYB!


Lincoln 1 ITFC 0

Lincoln 1 Ipswich Town 0

Town sink to a new low. Well played Lincoln.

I watched the game on BBC TV and Lincoln deserved to win.
ITFC again make national sports news for all the wrong reasons and inflict more misery, pain and humiliation on themselves and any remaining Town fans! Tough times at Town and when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Town aren’t tough enough though and I cannot see where they will go from here? We will see, but a monumental improvement is needed from the whole team if they are to go forward!
As a loyal Town fan, I cry “COYB” more now in hope than expectation….

ITFC 2 Lincoln City 2

Town drew at home againt Lincoln City today after being behind twice. ITFC 2 Lincoln City 2.

This was the FA cup third round and Town are lucky to have a replay.

It was the perfect opportunity for Town to kick start their season as the manager said in his pre match interview but it did not work out that way at all.

I listened to the match on the radio and Tommy Smith was guest commentator with Brenner Wooley and he stated he felt Town were lucky to get a draw.

The Town team was a near enough full first team and Lincoln played better! Nothing has changed from last year when Town played Portsmouth and were lucky to get a draw but then Town lost the replay!

There is now growing discontent with the fans at the manager Mick McCarthy. It isn’t his fault though, it is the players fault! Today Christophe Berra made an error to help Lincoln score but nearly all the Town players let themselves and the fans down again. The one exception was Tom Lawrence who scored both Town goals.

Town have not improved since last year and are actually getting worse! How long can these players be given to start playing better? Why are these potentially talented players not playing well and nowhere near to their potential? When are the players going to wake up and realise they have to do better? That is not just for a few games through the season, but in every game!

It was fully clear to all that Lincoln are a good side and were coming to Portman Road unafraid and prepared to play their own good football game and Town could not play better than them or beat them.

Recently, Grant Ward stated Town would improve and get results and be better!?
Grant Ward states Town are too good to be relegated

Why has nothing changed for the better at Town? Are these players really so complacent? Every single one of them, needs to wake up and start playing better, as it is almost too late for them and this side this season!

Come on Town, wake up, get a grip and work harder and better to be better and start winning games!