Cardiff 3 ITFC 1

Cardiff 3 ITFC 1

Town lose away at Cardiff last Saturday, despite taking the lead with a goal from captain Chambers.
I didn’t listen to the game on the radio, as I am losing interest in Town, due to their continual poor performances! I have seen reports on the various Town fan sites I view and by all accounts the second half was poor from Town.

Town are now just 5 points away from the relegation places and it is really clear that they are in a relegation battle now. I am reminded of Grant Ward’s comment “Town are too good to be relegated” of a few months ago! That really just highlighted what a poor attitude he has to playing for Town. He thinks he is a good footballer in a good team, because he has played well on a few occasions. Until he and the team play well in every game, week in and out, for a whole season and more, he cannot claim to be a good footballer in a good team.

There are just 7 games left and the recent Town form is poor and is relegation form. The team have drawn many recent games and have not won a game in a long time now. They are now in danger of relegation unless they can play better and win some games. It has been a disappointing season for Town, and it could get even more disappointing. Mick McCarthy saved Town from relegation before but at that stage, he brought in some new energy and discipline and hope that the team responded to. While now, he has been in charge of a team that have been complacent and not shown fight and determination to win games and do not appear to respond to his plans and instruction. Many fans are so fed up, that they believe relegation would be best for Town! I do not agree with that, but I am very worried it will happen anyway!

How many times have I called for the team to wake up and smell the coffee and do better? Countless times over the last 2 seasons. It is not easy, but if the team do not wake up and change things for the better soon, it will be too late and the worst fear of relegation will become a reality. So COYB…let’s be having you! Show the fans how good you are Grant Ward and help the team win games and the rest of the team can do likewise… COYB!

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