Ipswich Town 0 Derby 3

ITFC 0 Derby 3

Town played and lost last night. The Town’s poor season continues…
Town were 3 goals down after the first half!

Town are now facing the prospect of a relegation battle.

The blog header image here has the text “New era” referring to when Mick McCarthy first became Town manager and saved Town from relegation. Now the manager needs to do it all over again, and he no longer has the feel good factor of being the new manager to fix the problem, as he is now the old manager who has caused the problem! How times have changed!

Will the team start to play better and avoid relegation? I hope so, but this is far from certain. The writing has been on the wall for many weeks for the Town team and but for Tom Lawrence and Bartosz BiaƂkowski, the team probably would be in the relegation zone now.

Other clubs with good previous histories have been relegated and no club can live in the past and all Town’s good history is far back in time now and the club is a shadow of its former self! Can the team and manager find enough pride and passion to work hard enough and play well enough to get the results needed to stay clear of relegation and achieve mid table mediocrity? Many weeks ago, there was one Town player almost bragging that they were too good to get relegated, but neither he nor the rest of the team are putting in performances that prove this to be true. The manager wants to stay at Town until the end of the season which is commendable, but really only so if Town do stay up!

There remain lots of unhappy Town fans at the poor play and perceived management of the team and club (many question the chairman Marcus Evans’ ambition and support). Many fans are staying away but the loyal core who keep going to home and away matches, really deserve better, but it remains to be seen whether they will get better. So as a fan who wants better for my football club ITFC, I say:

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