ITFC 2 Brighton 0

Town win against Brighton at home last Saturday. Well done!
This was a good result after the disappointment of losing away at Wigan last Sunday.

David McGoldrick scored both goals and he continues to impress fans and manager Mick MacCarthy. So a good result and a good performance from Town and that is so good to report on! A couple of goals and a clean sheet is very good although the Town need to keep working hard to get to their full potential. As I have repeatedly stated there is no reason this cannot happen and good results continue! Town have a good squad with a good manager and players and Town should be performing and not under-performing! So if Town can build on results like this and gain confidence and keep concentrating and working hard success should follow-let’s hope so! Town are moving up the league table and are in ninth position.

Before the game there was some confusion over the loan of Paul Taylor back to Peterborough and though I still don’t fully understand this, Mick MacCarthy thinks it is best and so it will be. There was a media report that Sylvan Eubanks Blake was coming to Town from Wolves (where he worked with Mick MacCarthy) but that was later quashed by MacCarthy himself. It appeared to have been a flight of fantasy from some reporter! It is hard as a fan to try and understand what happens at a club especially when reporting is not always accurate!

Nonetheless well done ITFC so far this month in the normal helter-skelter Championship. Why did Derby sack manager Nigel Clough? That’s something else quite hard to understand….
Well it may or may not work in favour of Town, as the next match up is away at Derby on Tue 1st October.
This could be just the right moment for Town to grab their first away win in ages and I hope so! At the very least maybe a draw would be fine too…..


Wigan 2 ITFC 0

A disappointing result to yesterday’s away match against Wigan. Again I listened on BBC Radio Suffolk and the commentators thought Town had outplayed Wigan but lost! Town had more chances and took none, but Wigan took their few chances.

Mick MacCarthy said Town were not ruthless. Absolutely not! I say Town were more toothless!
It is so clear that Daryl Murphy for all his good play and work is not a natural goal scorer. I had hoped the fact that he scored finally in the previous game would boost his confidence and help him to more goals but it was back to his normal old cannot score ways again. Come on Daryl get the goals or assists! (you can do it!!).

It is such a shame that Town have underperformed again as they have over the last few seasons.Especially for me as they have good players in the squad and a good manager now in Mick MacCarthy. Smith and Chambers continue to impress me, but it is time everyone else stood up and worked at getting results not for themselves but for all Town supporters and the many who like me still support them even when they under perform!

Well it is not easy to get performances and results week in, week out in the Championship. Just look at Bolton with many big star players and a good manager who are struggling this season. However look at Burnley who are doing well this season showing how it is possible! On paper Town are such a good squad with good players and manager and it is time to get results! Surely they know it is results first and performances second? Why can’t they do it regularly? Not ruthless? Sure, so they need to man up and become more ruthless (without yellow/red cards!). Town need to wake up and stop dreaming about results and performances and make them happen. Apparently it is a long time since Town’s last away win and I really do not want to hear about what should have or could have happened in matches but I want to see Town team make it happen! Mick MacCarthy doesn’t either so how about it players-can you be ruthless and get results? COME ON YOU BLUES!!!

What better way to show the fans and themselves some love, than with a win in Town’s next match this coming Saturday against Brighton at Portman Road!


2 good home wins

Town’s last 2 games have been home wins! Well done Town!
Last Saturday Town team beat Middlesborough 3-1 and last night they beat Yeovil 2-1 at Portman Road giving 6 points!(more than the 4 gained through all last month-August).

In both games Town went a goal behind but showed character to come back and win the games. So the point earned with a draw at Birmingham the few weeks earlier (before the international break) did look good! As I have said before IF you can draw away and win at home then you have a good platform to build a good team and get enough points to be in contention for promotion. All at ITFC are agreed the Town squad is far better than it was a year ago and Town must continue to make good progress if we are to challenge for promotion at the end of the season. I think the Town squad is decent but it has been decent for a long while. Character and hard work are vital ingredients and Town squad is beginning to show these so there is a bright future if Town can be consistent and keep improving!

Against Yeovil Darryl Murphy finally scored and hopefully that can give him confidence and he can start to score more in the coming games. Of course the other goal for Town was from a defender,Cresswell and so far the defenders are helping by getting needed goals. All supporters now look for a few goals from some midfielders! Commentators seem to think the Town midfielders lack creativity & they maybe right-but they certainly lack goals! Tunnicliffe and Skuse seem to be playing well and I think Hyam is alright but I want to get more end product from Higham with goals and or assists from him and a bit more going forward rather than defensive midfield. Higham is a good prospect but needs to work hard to develop this season and have a good season. I would like to see Anthony Wordsworth playing as I feel he is the most creative and capable of popping up with assists and goals.

Next match is Wigan away on Sunday…this will be a tough match (but there are no easy games in the Championship). Good luck Town..go for it and work hard and play well and get a point or points with a draw or a win!


Birmingham 1 ITFC 1

Birmingham vs ITFC

A good away draw at Birmingham for ITFC? Well I thought so and I said so on Radio Suffolk on air to Mick Mills and Graham Mack commentators on the match after the game. Mick Mills disagreed and thought it was not good as he felt Town should have won and beaten Birmingham. Well that of course would have been better but the acid test of this result is IF ITFC can win their next home match vs Middlesborough tomorrow.
Any team that consistently wins home matches and draws away will be getting enough points to be challenging for promotion. So I hope Town win against Middlesborough tomorrow! Town do need more points with only a miserly 4 points for August which really is a bad start! Every Town supporter wants the team to be getting better results and winning enough points to challenge for COME ON TOWN team!!

I did listen to the radio commentary of the game vs Birmingham and it felt much the same as earlier games. The big difference was Mick McCarthy gave starts to Gerken, Andersen and Tunnicliffe. Got to say well done to Christophe Berra for scoring Town’s goal BUT must ask McGoldrick,Nouble and Murphy to help out and score some goals!! We need goals and hopefully goals from strikers! The Town defence is by and large good now (Chambers, Smith and Berra and Cresswell all good). Town lack in form strikers and it is McGoldrick who has done the most so far and looked the best front player for Town.


However as I said in my radio chat to Mick Mills, I do think Town have a good squad if the front men can get in form and I am optimistic for the next months ahead. There are though, no easy games in the Championship and any team there is capable of winning against any other team so Town need to work hard to get points!

ITFC vs Middlesborough

With all supporters behind the team and squad against Middlesborough we know we can win, so GO ON TOWN..COYB!!!