Huddersfield 2 ITFC 0

Huddersfield 2 ITFC 0

I listened to the game on Radio Suffolk and apparently Town were better than against Lincoln but had no goal threat and were again comfortably outplayed. So, there was a response, but not enough of one! The discontent among the fans is growing. One of the chief complaints is the defensive nature of the players and set up of the team, without players who have the skill and ability and confidence to take opposition players on and try to score goals for the team. That bothers me, but I believe that can be overcome with real hard work and determination to play well enough with some real pride and passion to prove they and the team are good enough to play for this great club and that they can get points and results. I am not seeing enough of that from the players. It seems like the old expression “the lights are on but there is no-one at home!”.

It probably will take time to fix and get the team back playing well, but meantime all the players need to show the fans they are trying to play football and play with pride and passion for the club and not just for themselves. Also remember the old expression, “diamonds are made under pressure”.

Which means the fans should keep supporting and the players should keep trying to play better! COYB!

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