PJ out…and Hutchings cannot stop the rot….

Well, what dark days for Ipswich Town FC!
Losing to Derby (ITFC 1 Derby 2) seemed to be the last straw for Town manager Paul Jewell. I listened to the match commentary on Radio Suffolk and he did not give a post match interview. Why not? Apparently he was watching a video of Sheffield Wednesday (Town’s next opponents) to prepare for that game! Then the next day he was gone! Fired by mutual consent! Amazing!! Ipswich CEO Simon Clegg cannot even just sack the manager and take full responsibility. It was done by mutual consent!?

I can of course understand Jewell leaving. He had long enough to get things working at ITFC and he couldn’t do it. Not only that but the team now comprise many loan players and is not playing as a team and as a consequence are low on confidence and the classic vicious cycle of poor form continues! Still his friend and team coach Chris Hutchings fared even worse (& that is hard to do!) by losing badly to Sheffield Utd – (ITFC 0- Sheffield Wed 3).

So Town need a new manager, a new start and a new team and to get wins and points quickly otherwise the club will be relegated!
Whoever gets the manager’s job has a relegation battle to win but I feel the team are actually much better than their form has been and still feel they could start winning again if they wanted it enough. I think too many players thought they were too good to get into this situation and it is obvious the players have not been playing as a team and fighting hard enough for the good of the team and club! Surely now they can see the team’s predicament and can turn it around? They need to stand up and start performing and all together as a team!

Can this happen? I hope so and I hope the new manager (whoever it will be) can see this is what is needed and can make it happen! COYB!!!

Super blues have the blues….

Well the last 2 games for Town have continued the poor run of form and Town are definitely in a relegation battle (now second from bottom).

A home defeat vs Cardiff (ITFC 1 Cardiff 2) and the last loss away at Hull (Hull 2 ITFC 1) and the writing is on the wall for Town! I think the last 10 games have gone without a win, a dreadful run of form. Paul Jewell (the manager) looks a beaten man. He has been trying to deal with the mounting pressure the bad results bring and has made many temporary player loan signings and changes and yet the games are following a very similar pattern with no improvement in results.

These are dark days for all supporters of ITFC but we have to be positive under pressure. The club and team needs to show character and determination NOW to get points from games (preferably start winning). Now is the time to turn it around and reverse this current poor form, for if it continues it will get harder and harder to improve it.

So apparently Paul Jewell is considering his future at Town. He has changed many of the players and now his position is under threat. As the old saying goes “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”.This needs fixing quickly and manager, players and supporters need to be positive and work hard in anyway they can for ITFC!

So let’s all get tough with tough love for this great football club. Obviously we are all hoping for better form to come and let’s all play our part to make this happen.
COYB!!!! Let’s DO IT!!