ITFC vs Wolves (Sat 27/01/18) END OF AN ERA…

ITFC vs Wolverhampton Wanderers (Sat 27/01/18)

I haven’t been to watch Town play at Portman Road for a couple of years and wanted to go and see them play vs Wolves tomorrow. The cheapest ticket for me though, is £25-00 and I just cannot afford that! (£15-00-£20-00 maximum I could afford). I will always support the Town, but is it any wonder gate numbers have fallen? Mediocre football with premium prices, tests the support of the loyalest fans. Good luck to Town tomorrow and for the future, but my days of going to watch Town play are now long gone.

This then, is my last and sad blog post on this blog and final rally blog cry “Come on you Blues”!

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