Ipswich Town 0 Sheffield Wednesday 1

Town lose the last home game of the season.

A very disappointing end to a disappointing season.

The Wednesday goal was a great goal, as Wednesday tore open the Town defence so easily to score! In reply Town only had a few half chances. Wednesday have secured a play off place.

Mick McCarthy gave some bland, lame excuse after the game that Wednesday were the better, more motivated team!

Everyone at Town and especially the manager and team (and the fans) needs to stand up and examine themselves and acknowledge they have not been good enough this season and decide to change and do better!

This includes myself and personally, I have blogged here about what great potential football talent the Town players have, but only really the goal keepers (Bart and Dean) and Tom Lawrence have played well enough this season.
Several of the new footballers that have come in to the Town squad this season, seem to think they are great players, but have not shown this game after game and only good team performances, game after game will take Town back to the top, and that does not seem to be part of their agenda. Couple that with a long list of injuries and established players not playing well enough every game and that is the reason Town have been poor and struggled this year.
I have generally supported Mick and Terry, but they too, have underperformed and the owner Marcus Evans needs to stand up more!

I am a Town fan at heart and have been for many years and always will be, but it is hard to keep positive when we do not even have our own young footballers showing enough. Footballing talent is great but realising that talent is another thing altogether.

So, just one more game to go now to end the season, away at Nottingham Forrest. I hope the team will dig deep and want to prove that they deserve to play for the town of Ipswich and the county of Suffolk and win or draw the game and the Town revival can start with this positive step forward! Let’s all pull together and commit to doing and being better and move forward…..COYB!!!

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