ITFC 2 Lincoln City 2

Town drew at home againt Lincoln City today after being behind twice. ITFC 2 Lincoln City 2.

This was the FA cup third round and Town are lucky to have a replay.

It was the perfect opportunity for Town to kick start their season as the manager said in his pre match interview but it did not work out that way at all.

I listened to the match on the radio and Tommy Smith was guest commentator with Brenner Wooley and he stated he felt Town were lucky to get a draw.

The Town team was a near enough full first team and Lincoln played better! Nothing has changed from last year when Town played Portsmouth and were lucky to get a draw but then Town lost the replay!

There is now growing discontent with the fans at the manager Mick McCarthy. It isn’t his fault though, it is the players fault! Today Christophe Berra made an error to help Lincoln score but nearly all the Town players let themselves and the fans down again. The one exception was Tom Lawrence who scored both Town goals.

Town have not improved since last year and are actually getting worse! How long can these players be given to start playing better? Why are these potentially talented players not playing well and nowhere near to their potential? When are the players going to wake up and realise they have to do better? That is not just for a few games through the season, but in every game!

It was fully clear to all that Lincoln are a good side and were coming to Portman Road unafraid and prepared to play their own good football game and Town could not play better than them or beat them.

Recently, Grant Ward stated Town would improve and get results and be better!?
Grant Ward states Town are too good to be relegated

Why has nothing changed for the better at Town? Are these players really so complacent? Every single one of them, needs to wake up and start playing better, as it is almost too late for them and this side this season!

Come on Town, wake up, get a grip and work harder and better to be better and start winning games!

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