Ipswich Town 1 Brentford 3

ITFC 1 Brenford 3

A loss at home for Town yesterday against a mediocre Brentford side!

I listened to the game on Radio Suffolk and switched on at the moment Brentford player Alan Judge, was having treatment for a nasty injury. Apparently he had been fouled by Luke Hyam, who was given a yellow card (& that might have been a red card). Judge had to leave play and was substituted.

A little while later, Brentford scored and Town were trailing.

Then, Luke Higham became involved in another incident with a Brentford player and was sent off, leaving Town still in the first half to play the rest of the game with 10 men!

Absolute madness for Higham to get involved in a minor incident, when he was already on a yellow card!
From then on, with Higham sent off, it would always be harder for Town to get anything from the game! None of my words can describe just how stupid that action from Higham was! He is a passionate player and committed to Town, but as he cannot control himself, he should not be playing football for any club in my opinion.

I stopped listening to the match and watched some of the Masters golf at Augusta. Much better entertainment! Apparently Liam Feeney scored Town’s goal.

There are now very few games left until the end of the season and Town are not going to get into the play off places. Early in the New Year, when Town were on a bad run, Mick kept saying he would judge the team for where they would be in May. Well, it is apparent now they will not be in the top six, fighting for a play off place.

I find it very sad and frustrating that Town have had such an average season. I know they had injuries and I have been surprised at the lack of quality in depth in the squad. Player of the season? Only Bartoscz Bialakowski has played well enough. He has been Town’s best player this season, while the rest have underperformed.

There have been so many changes to the Town squad over the last couple of seasons, and it seems these haven’t worked and I now think Town still need changes to get better players! Personally, I do not feel you can really keep sticking with the same players who, surprisingly ,just haven’t been good enough this season. I would like to see a lot more changes and give chances to other new players now.

I think it is time to forget this poor season and start building a new team with new good confident players, to make a good defence, a good and attacking mid field and a good attackers. Town have to get better!
I hope the Town can bounce back soon, with some fresh new players who are able and willing to play good football and take Town to the top of the Championship! COME ON YOU BLUES!

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